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This article is a follow up on our previous article, which was dedicated solely to the maintenance and care for hardwood floors. In this post, let us see the tips for maintaining the other kinds of floor. As we have mentioned in our article on different flooring styles, laminate and vinyl flooring work as great substitutes for the hardwood, so let us begin with those.

Vinyl floors:

Maintaining and cleaning Vinyl floor is really easy. You can remove the dust daily by sweeping the floor or vacuuming it. You shall clean it with water and detergent weekly or you can use special floor cleaning liquids. This helps in removing the dust that is accumulated thoroughly.

Clean up the spills immediately and use furniture pads beneath the furniture. Don’t use vacuum with beater bar. These tips would help in maintaining your vinyl floor for a long time.

Laminate floors:

Clean your laminate floors with a dust mop, vacuum or broom regularly. Just like hardwood, Laminate too can’t be cleaned with water, but you can use a moist cloth for cleaning it. You can also use hardwood and laminate cleaners for cleaning your floor.

Don’t use wax, detergents, shine enhancers on your floor. Avoid using water for cleaning, use it sparsely. Steam cleaning could be done, but rarely. The best way to keep the Laminate shining is to remove the accumulation of dust regularly.

Carpet floors:

Cleaning carpets is really easy. All you need to do is vacuum regularly. Clean up spots immediately. If food is drooped, pick up the solid parts with spoon and for the rest dilute it with water and use vacuum on high suction power, keep diluting with more water until the spot is stain free.

Get it cleaned professionally, every year to remove dirt that is embedded despite the regular vacuuming. You can use doormats to stop the entry of the dust, also remember to rotate your furniture regularly, so that there are no indentations.

Marble and Granite floors:

Maintaining marble or granite floor is very easy. These are termed as maintenance free, as maintaining them is hardly any work. Use a dust mop for cleaning your marble or granite floors, more so for marble than for granite. Use water and specialist cleaner every two to three days. The floor should be wiped in short and gentle strokes. Clean the floor, without the soap to remove residue. Use a cloth to dry the marble floor, if marble is let to dry naturally, this would lead to water marks being formed.


Avoid using vacuum, but if you must, then be sure to check that the tire edges aren’t sharp as it could cause marks to appear. Also, select a pH neutral soap for cleaning.


We hope that you liked these tips and that they were helpful to you in understanding about the different kind of care and maintenance that is required for the different kinds of floor. Share your experiences and any tips that you have other than these in the comments below.


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