Vastu Tips for Your Office

Many people want the office interior to be vastu compliant because it’s believed that correct vastu would lead to financial success. The spatial geometry and layout of the space is taken into consideration so as to balance the elements of nature such the flow of energy in the space is positive. Here are a few vastu tips for your office.


The office building should face north, north-east or north-west direction as it is believed that it brings positive energy. The main entrance to the office should face east or north direction, as it is considered good for the finances. Nothing should obstruct the entrance to the office.


Room of the owner or head should be in south-west, they should sit in such a way that they face north. The staff should work in such a way that they face north or the east direction. Accounts section should be in the north or east zone. Reception is recommended to be put in north-east zone.


Do not paint the north zone in red or pink color. Avoid blue in the south-east zone. This would make the financial path easier and smooth.

Plants & Painting

Put plants in the south-east zone. Painting of horses should be put in north-west zone. Aquarium in north-east, this is good from the financial point of view.


Keep the central part of office building empty. If you work in a cubicle, make a circle in the center and make sure that you don’t put anything in the circle.

Furniture placement

The tables should be rectangular, square or regular shaped. One shouldn’t be sitting under the beam, if it is unavoidable, cover the beam by using false -ceiling.


These are the top vastu tips that we had for offices. If you have and idea or suggestions, or you want to share some experience, write in our comments section below.