Vastu Tips for Your Home

Many people want a Vastu compliant home. Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature: air, water, earth, space and fire and balances them with the man and materials of the house. It is about maintaining balance between nature and mankind and about harnessing positive energy . In this article we give you the top Vastu tips for your home.


Attractive entrance is a very important thing for houses. As per Vastu, North or East direction is the best for entrance door. Also, the door should be made of wood. Don’t keep the show rack near the door as it blocks positive energy. The entrance should be well lit and it should be free of clutter. The number of doors and windows should be even in the house.


If there’s a wall at the entrance don’t leave it bare as it brings negativity. Put a painting or photograph with positive vibes. Photograph of moving water, fishes, clouds or similar calming scenes lend positivity. A Painting of green fields is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity.


The bedroom should get sufficient natural light during the day. Air circulation in the room should be good. The bedroom should lie in the south-west direction and the bed shouldn’t be in the corner or attached to the wall.

Also the bed should be placed such that your head lies in the south direction, as this is considered good from the point of view of Vastu. The bedroom should have pleasant smell. Avoid having wind-chimes over your head, as this brings negativity into life. Do not sleep or do any major work under a beam.


Kitchen needs to be in perfect balance because the two opposite force of nature, fire and water, exist here.

The stove and sink shouldn’t be in one line and they should as far away from each other as possible. It is recommended that kitchen be built in the south-eastern corner.


You can place money plant in doors, this is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity. Placing small Bamboo plants is also good, as per Vastu.

Plants in the east part of the house prove good for healthier relationships. Also, natural green plants in the bathroom helps in reducing the negativity.


As already mentioned, painting of green fields, fishes, moving water are good for the home. Apart from that, placing a painting of road in the north-east portion of the home leads to good vision and planning.

Having a family portrait in a golden frame in the south-east part of the home leads to healthier family binds and placing a painting of rising sun helps in the east direction helps in maintaining good social relationships. Finally, red horses in south is good for financial prosperity.

Clocks & Mirrors

Make sure that all the clocks in your home are in working condition. Stopped clocks are bad for finances, placing clock in the north or north-east direction is ideal.

Avoid placing mirrors on the south and the west walls. Putting a mirror in your cash drawer is helpful in multiplying your wealth. A broken mirror, though, signifies losses; therefore it should be done away with immediately.


These were some of the vastu tips for homes. Let us know which ones you found the most helpful in the comments below.