Tips for Decorating Guest Room

A guest bedroom is nice addition to the house, many people want one in their homes nowadays. As for the small homes, when children move out, the spare bedrooms turn into guest rooms to welcome friends and family. A separate guest room is a statement to the guests that their presence is welcome, while at the same time providing sanctuary to them in a new place. In this article we share with you these wonderful tips to decorate your guest room and transform it into a space that the guests feel comfortable in.


The bed

Needless to say, this is the most important part of the guest room. The bed should be comfortable and go well with the decor of the room. Make sure to use duvets and bed sheets according to the season. A bed cover is really essential, as the room doesn’t get used very often.

Also, keep an assortment of pillows of different shapes and sizes as you can never be sure of the preference of the guest. They can use the ones that they are comfortable with and set the others aside. It would also be a good idea to keep blankets and bedsheets in one of the cupboard, for the guest might need them in the night and will not be comfortable with the idea of waking you up.



Selecting the wall decor and wall finishing for the guest room could be quite difficult, as this is the space where you can experiment to your heart’s desire but you have to keep the comfort and sensibility of guests in mind. That’s the most difficult part as you can never be sure of the tastes or predict the kinds of guests that would be inhabiting the room. The best option is to go for neutral colors and add in few contrasting decor elements. On the other hand, you can choose vibrant colors, as they are more welcoming and warm. The choice in the end depends on the end look you desire for.

Try to keep the decor minimum and neutral, as you do not wish to overload your guests. It would be advisable to not decorate the guest room with photographs of your family; you can use photographs of natural scenery or a painting would be a great idea.



With the guest bedroom, what most people aim to achieve is a luxurious look. To that end the best style options are traditional themes. The ornamental touch of the traditional style brings about a sense of opulence and luxury and staying in a room with such a decor would be delight.



Proper lighting is really important for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Natural light should do the work during the day; it would also mean that the room is airy. Soft ceiling lights and lights on walls are a great option. Lamps on bedside table also work great; they are important for reading for finding the way to the bed. Even better option would be to provide wall lights near the bed, beside the headboard, this frees up space on the side table.


Furniture essentials

Side table

It is really essential to have a good side table in guest room. Here, you can leave water jug and a glass, so that guests don’t have to navigate their way to the kitchen to find some water. Also, it should have some space to put their phones for charging and to keep their book. If there’s space, try to add a small vase of flowers.   

Chair and table

If the space allows, create a seating area. Your guests would be really thankful for a space where they sit and unwind. They can read a book there or talk on the phone or work on their laptop. In case there is not much space for the table, try to add in a chair at least. If you can put a table in the room, be sure to add small touches such as placing a bowl of fruits and knife, for the guests. Add in a small electric kettle and tea-coffee essentials, so that the guests can have tea and coffee when their mood strikes without having to worry about troubling the hosts.

Luggage rack & Closet space


As we have mentioned in the article of furniture alert, having a luggage rack in the guest room would be a wonderful way of showing that you are sensitive towards the needs of travelers. If the guests are staying for some time, they would really appreciate having adequate closet space. If you have an attached bathroom, then you can keep it well stocked but in case that’s not possible, you can keep a small bag of toiletries stocked in the cupboard, this would go a long way in showing your thoughtfulness.   

Miscellaneous items

You can also add in a magazine holder and stock it with a few magazines and books, that the guests can help themselves to.

Adding shades to the windows is important for the guest room. While, for the rest of the house you can use window coverings that are more decorative, it is important to add blinds to the guest room windows as it would give the guests the choice to keep the room as dark as they want.

Placing a rug in the guest room is a very good idea. It adds in warmth to the room and also helps in making the guests more comfortable.

Having a mirror guest room is absolutely essential. It would help protect their privacy and enable them to maintain their hygiene and beauty routine.  


Which of the tips did you like the best? Have other awesome ideas, that you think should be shared with the world? Let us know about them in the comments below.