Interior trends for the Living Room

Living room is one of the most essential rooms in the house. In fact it is the most definitive room of the house, where people spend most of their time.  It is where the residents share details about their day and catch up, it is the common dwelling. That’s why it is of utmost importance that your living room is trendy and hip. Without any further ado, we bring to you the up and coming interior trends for the living room.

Using patterns in your living room

The latest trend is to incorporate a variety of patterns in your living room. Mix and match, contrast, do whatever you feel like; the point is to get an appealing visual. Use geometric patterned carpet or use geometric pattern on your wall panels, this one is a hit right now and is expected to remain a highlight for quite sometime now.


Another pattern that is in vogue in India is the Rajasthani pattern, use fabrics with this print, for your cushions or even curtains.


Natural elements

Natural look is trendy now a days. Use materials like wood and stone to bring in the look. From wood paneling, to stone cladding to using these materials in your furniture and decor items, there is virtually no end to how creative you can get to embrace the natural elements in your decor.

Using natural colours such as blue and green and brown could also help in furthering the theme.


Book case in your living room

It could be the highlight of your living room. A focal point which could be an acclaim to your personality.

Also, the current trend is to use a variety of shapes for storing the books, giving you a lot of room to experiment with various styles. But if you are short on space you might just want to use your books as side stand. Here you can read more tips on what to do when you have small living room.


Statement Lamps

Lamps are an iconic piece of living room, thus it comes as no surprise that one of the biggest trends of living room right now, is to use statement lamps.

Whether they are table lamps, wall lamps, hanging ones or standing ones; new material and technology coupled with latest design trends has given rise to lamps that are no less than artistic pieces. Go ahead and buy your trendy lamps now.


Of Flowers, their vases and plants

Having flowers in the living room serves in brightening it up. It adds a touch of vibrant life to the room.

Another cool aspect of having flowers in the room is the many kinds of vases you can use to store them in. Vases even on their own are a style statement.

Go ahead one more step and include plants in your living. A touch of green goes a long way in making a place seem familiar and welcoming.


Adding personality to the living room

Since living room is the one room where everyone gathers and dwells together, it becomes imperative that living room departs from being just a room and takes up a personality of its own, which is testament of the people living in the house.

One way of doing this has been in use for a really long time, which is displaying the achievements of family members in the living room in the form of various medals and trophies won.

Next, using pictures could liven up the room. Especially if you’re displaying them as a collage on a bare wall, or on mantle.

Another idea is to add a touch of the members favorite hobbies into the room for eg. showcasing Violin could be indicative of a musician living in the house. or simply add a vintage telephone and the entire look of the room will change. The current trend is to use abstract methods of adding in personality.

Hidden Televisions

The latest rage is all about hiding the t.v behind sliding doors. Although, television is an important part of any living room but more and more people these days do not want it to be the focal point of their living room decor. Lo and behold the hidden television trend! If you liked this trend, you might want to check out the hidden drawers trend in Kitchen and kids room too.

Tips for small Living room

A very easy yet overlooked trick is to use seating with storage. Incorporate drawers in your sofa. This would save you space, without having to compromise on your decor.

Using low furniture would also help in making the room seem spacier.

Another great option is to use long curtains. They make the room seem bigger and spacier, while rendering a classic elegance to the living room.


Which trends did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.





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