Decorative Painting Techniques

If you want to change the look of your walls but don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting up wallpaper or panels etc and on the other hand you also don’t want your walls to be simply painted either, well then, you can go for decorative painting techniques to get a textured wall, which could be the central focus of the room.


In this article were will tell you about the various decorative painting techniques and the effect that they create. Some techniques are used to add details, while others are used for main decoration purposes.


Stencil Wall Painting

Stenciling, is a technique of decorative painting in which paint is passed over holes onto the surface that is to be decorated. Stencils are made from cardboard and you can customize the stencil or you can use the ready-made ones. Water based paint is the preferred option for stenciling as it dries soon.

You can go for 3d effect by concentrating color on the edges, mix up colors to get different shades and depth.


This technique is mainly used to get an aged look. Petroleum jelly or glue is put on walls on some areas, paint doesn’t adhere to the wall at these patches and with the help of sandpaper is easily removed. This renders an aged look to the wall.

The finish can be enhanced by the use of wax. Also, be sure to select the colors which compliment the existing color scheme.

Sponging On

Sponge Paint Technique

It is one of the easiest decorative painting technique. Glaze is applied over a coat of base paint. You need a sponge or you can also need rag for this technique. After applying the base paint, the glaze is applied with dampened sponge on the wall in a pattern.

Color washing

Color Washing

A color wash renders depth and enhances the surface. Translucent glaze is applied over a solid base coat. It brings a old times feel to the room. Apply the glaze with a sponge in a circular or wiping motion. Go for light, feathery strokes to get a good finish.



Rag Rolling

In this technique a twisted rag is used to roll paint on to the wall to get get the required effect. After the base coat is dried, wet the rag and remove the excess water and then dip it in glaze. Roll and twist the rag and roll the rag across the surface. You can also apply glaze on the dried base coat and use the rolled rag to roll off the glaze instead.

Color blocking

Color Blocking

In this technique different colors are painted in blocks on different sizes. The blocks will be in different dimensions, sizes, shapes and colors. Choosing colors is really crucial, it should go well with the color scheme of the room. The base coat is applied and the blocks are traced on the wall and painted with the chosen colors.


Stripling Work

It is similar to the effects of rag-rolling and sponging but it is more subtle. A specially designed stippling brush is used, which is pressed onto the wet glaze or the second coat of paint and it creates a very fine dotted texture.


Graining Painting

It is technique used to simulate the texture of wood. First the base coat is painted and after it is dried, a coat of glaze is applied. On the glaze, a wood grain rocker is used to create the wood grain effect.



In this technique the base coat shows through the topcoat a little bit. First the base coat is applied and allowed to dry. Apply the topcoat and glaze mix on the base coat and then use a dragging brush to get the desired effect. Go for vertical, parallel strokes. It gives your wall, the fabric wall kind of feeling.

Stripes & Diamonds

Strips wall paintingThese are two classic decorative painting techniques. They render a very elegant look to the room. Contrasting colors work best for these techniques. You can easily make a wall, the accent wall by employing these techniques. On the dried base coat, pencil in the diamonds or the stripes and then paint in pattern.

Faux marble or granite

Faux marble or granite

This technique is also known as marbling when the texture of marble is being used. Basically in this technique, the natural stones are simulated on the walls. Stone faux finishes are becoming increasingly more popular. It is easy and economical.


These are some the top decorative painting techniques which are in trend nowadays. Let us know in comments which of the technique you liked best or tell us your favorite ones.