Choosing the right colors for your Office

The atmosphere of the workplace is really important in influencing the productivity and efficiency of people working there. It affects your energy, focus and mood. Color, especially, plays a huge role in creating a profound effect. We are following up our article about the interior trends in offices, with this one on the right colors for your office.


First up, we have white. White is bright and it invokes a feeling of calmness. It gives a sense of neatness and freshness. It makes the space seem bigger, so it works really well for small, cramped spaces. But it doesn’t do much for the energy. Too much white could even be intimidating. Also, white is a very generic color, so using too much of it wouldn’t make your office stand out.

The best thing to do is to use a combination of white color with bright colors. You can use white furniture pieces or decoration to bring in the touch of white, so that it balances out the other colors.  


This is yet another classic office color. It’s a very professional color and imparts a sense of logic and improves the thought process of people working there. It’s neutral and thus doesn’t adversely affect the mood but just like white it lacks energy.

Too much gray could also turn depressing. Which is not good for the productivity of people working in the office. So, use this color in limited amount and add in articles of furniture or decoration that are gray.


The color blue denotes honesty and loyalty, it invokes the sense of wisdom and security. It is one the most productive colors ever. More and more offices are taking up blue as a default choice now-a-days. But do brighten up the space by adding a touch of orange and yellow. Adding a pop of orange would make the atmosphere more talkative and open.

Blue color affects the mind. If your work involves lots of concentration then blue would be an amazing color choice. It has stabilizing and calming effect on people and it helps in keeping the focus on the task at hand.


Yellow is the color of optimism. It’s bright and uplifting. Yellow provides a sense of warmth. It’s best suited for creative jobs as stimulates your emotions. It should be kept in mind that although yellow is a cheerful color, it invokes anxiety in people who are already stresses.

People are more prone to lose their temper in a yellow room. So, it might not be the best idea to paint the walls of your conference room yellow. On the other hand, yellow is good color for training rooms. It helps in retaining what was told. It should be coupled with turquoise which is an excellent color for teaching.


Red is the color that stimulates your body. If your work requires you be on your feet most of the time, red is the color to choose because it stimulates you physically. It increases heart rate and blood flow. It invokes strong emotions and is the color of passion. So, be careful to not overuse the color red, as could look tacky if done the wrong way. Too much of red might result in increased aggression and anger.

On the bright side, the color red draws people’s attention real well. So, you can use it to highlight certain aspects of your office. It is also a great color for the food industry and works well for tasks that are detail-oriented. You can use green to balance the effect of red color.


Coming to green color, it influences your sense of ‘balance’. It induces a sense of growth and suggests security and money. It’s an excellent choice of color for inducing as sense of calm and efficiency. It is a great color for people who work longer hours. It causes no eye fatigue. But it could be a bit inert so for people who are really active, it could be stressful.

It also helps in enhancing creativity and innovation. It is a color of harmony and balance. It’s associated with nature and thus has a soothing effect. This makes it a good color to reduce stress and anxiety. It gives the perception of being associated being environment. And it suggests affluence.   


So, these were our tips on colors for your office to increase productivity and efficiency. Do let us know in comments below about colors that have been the most useful for you.