Choosing the right colors for your home

The best way to lighten up a room or get a new room feel is to paint it a new color. In this article we will be telling you about the right colors for your home. We have already covered the right colors for office. But what works for office and what’s necessary for office is very different from homes. You want your home to be a warm,comforting place; a haven that you can feel safe in away from your days worries; a wondrous place where you can entertain your friends proudly.

Colors influence our mood and mind. The colors that you choose are a representation of your personality. Light colors make rooms seem bigger and brighter, whereas dark colors make rooms seem cozy and warm.




The color red affects the energy of the room. It affects your body. Red is a very good for dining room, as red color is an excellent color to go with food. Using the right shade and amount in living room can make the room appear warm.

It is not a very good color for bedrooms, as too much exposure to the color red can increase aggression. It also increases blood pressure and heart rate. Offset the impact of too much red by adding green color to the room. They balance each other out.



It is the color of cheer and optimism. It affects the mood. It works really well for kitchen, bathrooms. In small spaces and corridors, yellow makes the atmosphere uplifting and they make the hallways seem expansive.

It’s not suitable for living room and bedroom, as over-exposure to yellow increases anxiety and leads people to lose temper easily.



It is the color of calm and tranquility. It affects the mind. It is an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. Selecting the right shade with this color is really important, as a very light shade of blue could make the room seem cold, whereas too dark a shade could lead the room to be overwhelming and depressing.

It is important to pair it up with brighter colors, such as yellow and orange. They have the energizing effect to counter the calm of blue. You can use purple and violet to get the calming affect of blue, without risking the room to look cold.



Tropical Green Home Interior Design

It is one of the most relaxing colors ever. It causes the least fatigue to the eye. Green is the color of balance. It is suitable for almost every room. It helps in relieving stress, thus making it a great choice for bedroom. It has a calming effect, which makes it a good choice for living room and kitchen.

Green provides a sense of comfort, a sense of being close to nature and it gives a sense of safety to the inhabitants of the room. Coupled with red for its energizing effects, green can make strangers feel right at home. So, it could be a good color for guest room.



Colors like black, grey, white and brown come in this category. The color black makes a room seem luxurious and elegant. Handled tastefully, with a touch of gold or metal, black is the classiest color.


The color white is good for making the room seem airy and expansive. Too much white can be intimidating, selecting a creamish shade makes the room seem warmer.


Brown, just like green, gives a feeling of being connected to earth. It’s an earthy color, and works well in bedrooms, guest bedrooms making those rooms seem cozier.


Grey is the new, hot favorite. It’s a neutral color, thus it doesn’t sway emotions on either side. It’s a good color for home-office, study. It shouldn’t be used in the main rooms, too much, because it could be depressing. A rich, darker shade would give a very elegant look.




These were our tips for choosing the best color for rooms in the homes. Let us know what you think about them. Also, if you have any tips or ideas, please share them in the comments below.