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The design of an office is very important as it affects the productivity of the employees working in the office. The right kind of atmosphere will keep them energized and positive. Keeping up with the latest trends hugely affects the workplace. With that being said, what exactly are the latest office trends? Well you can find the answer to that question in this article.


Collaborative space

This has been a major and the most obvious change that has taken the world of office interior by storm in the recent times. The idea of collaborative space stems from the philosophy of making the office a place of interaction and openness. More and more open offices are coming up, with the concept of private offices taking a backseat. Rather than the space, the focus is on the people who will occupy that space.


Office, now-a-days needs to be a space where people can interact freely, a space where ideas are discussed and heard. This concept is intricately woven in with the no-hierarchy concept, which is also taking the corporate world by storm. But making the office a collaborative space need not be at the cost of privacy of employees. To overcome this problem, the design that could be employed is the idea of having workstations which are open, and having private spaces that could be utilized for making phone-calls, going through notes, brainstorming to come with ideas, to prepare report etc. So, if you are designing a new office space or renovating be sure to take into account that the workplace you are creating is collaborative.


Flexible layout

The office needs to have spaces which can be multi-functional. You can have a conference table in the middle of the office, this will be for non-confidential stuff. And for the confidential stuff, you can have conference rooms. But when these spaces are not working for their intended purpose, they could be put to use in other ways. With the help of pocket-cupboard and the trend of hidden appliances, one room could easily be transformed into another. The open-conference space could be utilized as workstations when required, the conference room could be transformed into lounge. Choosing the right kind of furniture is key for this approach. This way, you would be saving a lot of additional space.


Another thing to keep in mind designing the layout now-a-days is that more space is being given to the people who are present in the office for the most part i.e if you’re at a higher position and most of your day is spent meeting the clients, conducting meeting, interacting with employees and it turns ot that you spend only a fraction of your working time in the office then it’s time that you shifted to a space that is more suitable for your needs and the larger space went to people who are spending most of the time in front if the desk and usually lack the space to keep things organized.



Your office should be able to keep pace with the changing technology. Being updated is very much essential to being successful. Updated technology could mean better productivity and quicker results. We are moving towards increasingly wireless technology and this trend is on the rise, so that means offices should be prepared for the future technology, thus avoiding major overhaul in the coming times.


More Green

Well, we have told about the importance of making the rooms in the house more green in our bedroom trends and guest room trends. Just like that adding a touch of green is very important in the office too. We can make use of green wall or the vertical landscaping to bring in the green element into the office.

Another alternative is to use hanging baskets to create the illusion of a green wall or putting plants on shelves. There is always the classic indoor plants in the pots.

Whatever you do, just remember the idea is to bring nature indoors. It helps in increasing creativity and concentration of the employees. It also, helps in purifying the air, thus making the indoors healthier.

There has also been the trend of putting in Terrariums in offices. It is becoming an increasingly focal point of office decor. What’s better is that Terrariums can be customized to suit one’s taste and ideas.


Color theme


A major trend is to use different colors for different areas in the office. Not only does it help in segregating the areas, but the color choice could influence the mood of the occupant and thus it becomes important to use colors which are energetic, bright and which put people in a jubilant and positive mood. Blue works really well for creating a soothing atmosphere, yellow brighten up the space, green is good for creativity.

Also, cement has made a great comeback. Features which have been non-cement for the longest time are being designed in cement with wood and stones inlaid. Some examples are shelves, sinks and with the new and improving technology, we even have furniture made with concrete canvas.


So, these were our top trends for offices, let us know in the comments how you liked them.



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