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Walls could be really expressive.Those of you, who have read our article on wall finishes, would certainly agree that the right finish could make or break the look of a room. But having a great finish is not all. One needs a great decor too. Without much ado, let’s proceed towards the very first tip.

Paintings and wall murals

Having great paintings on display ups the wow factor of any place instantly. The choice of the painting reveals the character of the person living in the house. One trend which will be classic is displaying the series paintings.

A group of paintings works very well in giving personality to the wall. Choose abstract mural paintings and keep your guests guessing about your personality.

Metal Wall Art

In India metal sculptures of various gods and goddesses on the wall are pretty popular. Another common yet classic style is to display sword and shield. They are generally the focal point and attract the eye of anyone entering the room.

Sun dial is becoming a powerful positive symbol. Choose copper for its warmth and energy. There are many options available, select the one which goes with the rest of the design and means something to you.


Using wall fabrics is becoming increasingly popular with people these days. But if you don’t want to cover entire walls with fabric, your best bet is to go for fabric paintings, tapestry and rugs. Fabrics lend a unique texture to the walls. You can turn your blankets, rugs into decorative pieces by framing them on your walls.

Wood on wall

If you don’t have wooden floors or panels on your walls and you want to include this wonderful material in your design, fret not! For wooden wall decor comes in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.


It gives a sense of coziness to the room. You can have wooden sculpture mounted on wall, which could be decorated using wonderful lighting. Lighting underneath netted wooden panels is also a great idea. Wooden wall hangings are great for the purpose of keeping your keys, medals in one place.

Wall Shelves

Increasing number of people are opting for wall mounted shelves. These save floor space and also add depth to the walls. Using shelves of different lengths and colours, makes for an unique style statement.

Vertical landscaping

Wall planters are a wonderful way of bringing the garden into your home. Not only do you get great scenic view but you are also adding some much needed greenery into the home.

Mirrors & clocks

Mirrors create the illusion of larger space, so they work great for small rooms. Use an ornate mirror to bring about a traditional look for your room.

Clocks are also awesome wall pieces. Having a large clock in the living room has become a cool trend. Mirrors and clocks having intricate pattern, work as a bridge between the traditional and modern style.


Right lighting is the single most distinguishing factor that makes a wall stand out. Ornate wall lamps for the traditional look and simple and minimalist for the modern one. Highlight a painting or mural with effective lighting. You can make use of different colours and intensities.




What was your favourite tip? Want to share your experiences with different wall decors or have some other great ideas? Please share them with us in the comments section below.



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