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Those of you who have read our article on different flooring styles would be aware that the trend of wooden flooring is on the rise. Hardwood floors render amazing style and warmth to the room, but they require maintenance too. Many people shy away from the hardwood flooring because they aren’t too aware of the maintenance and care needed for them and think that it’s too much work. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! We bring to you the tips for maintaining your wooden floors and we will also tell you about how to avoid damage to these floors.


Cleaning the Hardwood floor

No matter how careful you are, over time dust accumulates on the floor. Regular cleaning is essential in maintaining the hardwood floors. Although, cleaning of hardwood floors is not as straight-forward and easy as that of marble floors, these handy tips would make the process clear to you. After, the maintenance that goes into the hardwood floors is well worth the effort and time, for the beautiful stylish look that it gives. It is best to follow a yearly schedule of deep cleaning and daily dusting one.

Daily cleaning:

Sweep the floor with a broom or dust-mop the hardwood floor with cloth. Be sure to keep the cleaning dry. You can use microfiber cloth which entrap the dirt particles; they are safer than the broom as there is a risk of scratches when sweeping with the broom.

Weekly or Bi-monthly:

Vacuum your floors with soft-bristled attachment, but be sure to dust-mop the hardwoodfloor first. Be careful, in choosing the soft-bristled floor cleaning attachment, for the floor will be damaged otherwise. Wheels of the vacuum might cause damage to the floors, so be careful with it.


Damp-mop the floor monthly using a hardwood floor cleaner. Be careful not to use water. Soak the mop completely and then squeeze out all the excess cleaner. You only have to lightly mist the floor with the mop. Be sure to check for the protective sealant on the surface, the choice of the cleaning product will depend on that.


It’s a good idea to polish your hardwood floor, at least, once a year. It’s better if it is done after a few months. This is especially for floors which have a sealant because all of your cleaning is affecting just the finish and not the hardwood beneath. Polishing your floor fills in microscopic scratches and makes the floor as good as new.


Sand and refinish your hardwood floors every decade. If you are doing it in half the time, that’s even better! In this process, the old finish is removed and replaced by a new one. It is the ideal way to repair worn out, scratched, old looking floor.

Maintenance of hardwood floor:

Use proper tools to clean your hardwood floor: microfiber cloth for dusting, vacuum with soft-bristles, right hardwood cleaning product.

Utilize adequate window covering, so that floor is not damaged by the UV rays of sun and due to the heat.

Cleaning regularly helps in maintaining the floor and keeps it looking new.

Be sure to set-up the cleaning schedule based on the traffic on the floor.

Wipe up spills immediately. Water and hardwood, don’t go well together. Be sure not to mix them up!

Don’t slide the furniture, pick it up and place it.

Use ice to harden and remove chewing gum stuck on the floor.


                                                                                        Photo by Jolene Hardy on Unsplash


Preventing damage:

Use furniture pads beneath the furniture legs. Replace them often.

Avoid using water to clean the hardwood floor. It dulls the floor.

Place doormats at entry, so that the floors aren’t exposed to the dirt carried in by shoes.

Keep the nails of the pets trimmed.

Don’t let kids play on the bare floor with toys that could damage it.

Avoid wearing high heels on wooden floors, as excessive force is exerted on the floor due to the heels.

Do not wax a surface-finished floor.


Was the article helpful to you in understanding about the care and maintenance of hardwood floors? Are there any tips you want to share with us? Be sure to comment in the section below!


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