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Furniture is the soul of a house. It is what makes the house suitable to live in. The kind of furniture we use reflects our personality and thoughts. That is why it becomes important that, like everything else, we keep updating our furniture. Even adding in a new piece and changing the orientation of furniture brings about a huge difference in the setting of the home. You have come to the right place to know what are the furniture alerts you should be knowing. This piece focuses on the new trends of furniture in the major rooms of a home.

Furniture alert for Living room

First up is the living room. As mentioned in our post about the trends of Living room, it is the room that sees the most traffic in the house. It also the place where we entertain guests, so it becomes imperative that the furniture of the living room doesn’t get boring.


Let’s start with the very basic piece of furniture of the living room. The current trend is to use large sofa instead of sets of smaller ones, which has low seating. This makes the room seem bigger.

Another alert you should look out for is that the edges of the sofa are becoming either rounded or the polar opposite; stark, straight lines. Choice is yours, for, both are in vogue.

Centre table

The Centre table or the coffee table has undergone a makeover too. Instead of the drab, simple table of the old, the fashion is to use Interconnected octagonal or hexagonal tables.

Another alert to watch out for is, the use of two or three tables instead of just one. You can use two of different sizes or colours, but be sure to check that they go well together.

Bean bags

We know what you are thinking. How is bean bag a new trend? In fact, you might think, is it even a trend anymore? Well, the answer is a resounding YES. But, you have to know that when we are talking about bean bags, we do not mean the clumpy leather mess that you are picturing. What we mean is the newer, better bean bags; which come in various shapes and sizes and textures and material.


The goodness of the padded, upholstered footstool has returned. But that’s not all, they now possess a multi-functional quality. Gone are the days, when the only job an ottoman had was of being a footstool. It is now being used as a coffee table or simply a stool.


Furniture alert for Study/Home office

The Study is being revived in the homes. If not the traditional sense, then at least as a room meant for, literally, studying. And working from has become so common these days that home office isn’t an add-on but a necessity.

Fibonacci shelf

We have all studied about the fibonacci series in school, remember? For those of you, who don’t, it  goes something like this 1,1,2,3,5…where each number is the sum of two preceding numbers. What makes it so unique is the fact that it is closely related to the golden ratio. Yes, the very same ratio that describes the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions.

So this is what the fibonacci design is based on, from which comes the fibonacci shelf. And this shelf is gaining popularity by the minute. So go ahead, buy yourself a Fibonacci shelf right away!

Filing cabinets

This trend addresses the fundamental issue of storage. Now, sure you can keep all of your stuff in one cupboard or almirah but things get very disorganized that way. To keep your files in order, be sure to include a filing cabinet in your home-office or study.


Now what is a study or an office without a desk. This is not something that needs to be stated, but, what needs to be told is the current trend in desks that is taking the world of desks by storm  – L shaped workstations. This style is trendy mixed with functional and the right amount of cool.

Computer armoires

If you want to go a step further and try something really cool, you might want to know about the computer armoires. Armoires, which were originally meant to store ‘arms’, are now being used to store anything from electronics to bedsheets. So check out the computer armoire, a perfect blend of old and new, traditional and modern.


Furniture alert for Master Bedroom

It goes without saying that bed is an essential part of the bedroom. That is why we are going to tell about the non-apparent furniture facts and trends.

Bedroom benches

Bed end benches or benches adjacent to wall, increase the seating options for a bedroom, while adding a touch of sophistication. By having a storage bench, you can use it for many purposes such as storing extra pillows or blankets with in easy reach, instead of having to go searching for them in the middle of the night.

Orbed pots for plants

In a previous post about the trends of bedroom we have mentioned how important it is to add some green in your bedroom. And now, we will tell about this cool trend which makes adding plants to your bedroom a designer piece. The orbed pots for plants. They can be made of concrete or mud and hung from the ceiling.

Nightstand & dresser

Now, everyone knows that having a nightstand and dresser is important. And we are not saying that it isn’t. What we want you to consider is that, they can be one and the same. A nightstand cum dresser, which saves space and is still functional. This sounds like a good idea to look into.

Furniture alert for Kitchen & Dining

There is no overstating the importance of kitchen or dining room or as is common these days, the kitchen and dining room. Kitchen are transforming from being just a room for cooking to the centres for entertaining. This means that kitchen and dining has to be up to date when it comes to the furniture trends.

Display cabinet

It is an essential item of furniture, whether in Kitchen or dining. A trend to look out for is the it up cabinet. Because merely having your delicate china visible isn’t enough anymore, you need to display it in an artistic way. And what better option there is, than to use strategic lighting?

Wine rack & cabinet with bar stool

Home bars are becoming more and more popular nowadays. When you have a bar, you naturally have a bar stool.

Also, with thee bar comes the wine or alcohol rack and the cabinet for displaying all of your famous liquor. Go ahead and buy one now.

Drawer with-in drawer

We have touched upon this in the Kitchen trends post, but it is important to put it here too, just to highlight its growing popularity. The best advantage it has, is of saving space, which is a very important thing in the houses of today.


Furniture alert for Guest room/ nursery

Next up is the guest room and the kids room or nursery. Most apartments don’t have a separate guest room and the kids room ends up doubling for guest room when needed. Good that smart storage for kids room is already covered by us in a previous post. Here are our top picks for essential furniture in these rooms.

Luggage rack

Your guests would be really touched by this gesture. It would send the message across that you care about their comfort. Also, you would be saving your bedcovers from being crumbled.


It is a very important piece of furniture, whether the room you are decorating is the guest room, the kids room or the nursery. Guests might want to have some time to themselves and really, no one wants to spend too much time sitting on a bed. Having a chair in the guest room would be a really good option. If it is the kids room you are decorating, similar logic applies here too.

Kids might need places to sit, other than the computer chair and bed. Especially when they have friends over. Coming to nursery, it would be hard to not put a chair in there, because where else would you sit with the baby, when it wakes you up in the night.

Changing table

This is sorely for the nursery. Many people don’t really consider a changing table important. But one should remember that a changing table is really helpful and helps in keeping things hygienic. It would ensure that you have all the things required at hand, organized correctly.


Let us know which furniture trends you liked best in the comments below.



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